Newest Hypertension Drugs May Improve Sexual Function

A critical review used this study to underpin their doubts about the sexual side effects of β-blockers [20]. 7) (Table 2 and Fig. Arousal disorders: Probably the real impact of ED was even greater with a strong relationship with aging and some authors estimated that almost half of 70-year-old men live with some degree of ED [5, 6]. The dosage may be increased to a maximum of Lopressor 450mg per day, if there is no therapeutic response, or if it is low. Sexual side effects have been reported with the following medications: The TOMHS trial (The Treatment Of Mild Hypertension Study), a 4-year follow-up, double-blind RTC in 557 men and 345 women, showed that chlortalidone at a dose of 15 mg/day may also be suspected to negatively affect sexual function in men [30].

Clinical rotations in all the major disciplines are provided for UFCOM undergraduate medical students and elective rotations to students from other accredited schools. Hypertension is associated with severe erectile dysfunction. In an individual aspect, sexual activity and erectile function quality should be part of anamnesis before starting antihypertensive therapy and seems to play a relevant role in the followup, as it would allow a scalable monitoring of erectile function, help the selection of better classes of antihypertensive drugs, turn easier the identification of adverse sexual events, and even improve therapeutic compliance [51]. If erection problems persist, or blood pressure goes back up, then your doctor might switch to a drug that's less likely to cause erectile dysfunction.

89 in the placebo group, 5. 6 % of the bendroflumethiazide group. Jn learning, 0 mg/dL and 2. In fact, Viagra slightly lowers the blood pressure – though only for a short time.

02), while, with nebivolol the stimulated PSV did not show a significant change (P = 0.

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The sample size, however, was too small for the results to be statistically validated. Impotence the drug risk factor. After adjusting for age, the correlation between ED and modifiable risk factors—hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, sedentary, and smoking—remained significant [17]. These adverse effects are due to binding of spironolactone to progesterone and androgen receptors and represent a substantial reason for drug discontinuation [36]. High blood pressure can also interfere with ejaculation and reduce sexual desire. 3 percent to 58. It is important to consider that drugs used for treatment of cardiovascular diseases have often been accused of influencing erectile function, and such belief could influence drug compliance [42].

Even a single episode of erectile dysfunction can cause anxiety. Sign in to access your subscriptions, research tells us that erectile function can be improved by making specific lifestyle changes! Men with low levels of testosterone can experience ED. These agents increase dilatation and lower blood pressure by reducing calcium entry into the smooth muscle of the blood vessels [59].

This value contrasts with the percentage of other territories where the dilation varies from 10 to 20%. Beta blockers: 3 Cavernosal artery flow by color pulsed duplex. Social media, the patients were first treated with a vacuum device that induced a passive erection. Just applying the pharmacodynamic mechanism for the drug to known human anatomy and physiology is needed. 7 percent of the men with sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is prevalent among 62. In well controlled hypertensive subjects who take one or two antihypertensive drugs and have no other risk factors, indicating low cardiovascular risk, PDE5 inhibitors could be tried.

Journal of Urology.

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A link between high blood pressure and sexual problems is proved in men. However this study failed to show an association with smoking (P-0. )Beta blockers are very commonly used as antihypertensive medications in young active individuals. A study of 640 women, published in the June 2020 issue of The American Journal of Hypertension, found that the women with hypertension were significantly more likely than others to suffer pain during intercourse.

ED is when you can’t get or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sex. Beneficial effects of switching from beta-blockers to nebivolol on the erectile function of hypertensive patients. If you are taking either of these medicines and are worried about erectile dysfunction, your GP may be able to change your medicines. Will switching from metoprolol to carvedilol improve the patient’s symptoms? (0%) participants’ diabetic control not up to the mark (HbA1C ≥ 7).

0001); type of diabetes (type 2) (OR = 3. Medically induced erectile dysfunction is something you (and your healthcare provider) can fix. 5%) and retinopathy (22. Material about cardiovascular diseases, contained in the review on Lopressor, is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment or medical advice of a cardiologist. Speak to your doctor about what options may be right for you. Examples of cardio-selective beta blockers are metoprolol, acebutalol, esmolol, and atenolol. In the study, losartan was equal to or better than other drugs at controlling blood pressure.

Drug related erectile dysfunction.

International Journal of Impotence Research

Fears that it will happen again might lead men to avoid sex — and affect the relationship with their sexual partner. It has been suggested that the small cavernosous arteries were more vulnerable to atherosclerosis when compared to larger arterial trees like coronaries [20, 67] explaining why ED precedes angina in a patient with systemic vasculopathy. The following medications may cause erectile dysfunction: This is an important point since patient concerns about the adverse effects of drugs on erectile function might limit the use of essential medications in cardiovascular high-risk patients [43]. If you take a diuretic, you should stay on it until high blood pressure is under control. It is not clear if these differences are caused by the use of other species or can be attributed to other factors. What are other alternatives?

Sexual dysfunction caused by drugs could lead to patients' noncompliance.

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Issues of cause and effect are confused because cardiovascular disease 'per se' may cause erectile dysfunction, as there appears to be a higher rate of sexual dysfunction in untreated men with cardiovascular disease compared with men of similar age (6). Figure 1 shows the hypertensive medication use among the participants. In the guideline of the Heart Foundation, consensus was reached stating that ED is a predictable adverse effect of β-blockers [21].

Recreational drugs: How do hypertension medications affect sexuality? How is erectile dysfunction treated? Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been defined according to National Institute of Health from 1993 as the persistent inability to reach or maintain and penile rigidity enough for sexual satisfaction [1].

In some particular cases, the simple search for a previously undetected groin hernia can prove useful since it can affect sexual functions in men and is relatively easily curable. 02), while, with nebivolol the PSV showed an insignificant increase (P = 0. They all had an echocardiogram (ECG), and laboratory testing including fasting blood sugar and 2 h post prandial to exclude those with Diabetes Mellitus. However, have you considered the possibility that some of the medication that you're taking for high blood pressure could be causing your impotence? The top two medications for high blood pressure associated with ED are diuretics (e. )


Health care is a conversation, not a prescription. In almost all trials where this topic was studied, ED was not the primary objective and was assessed by patient reports instead of questionnaire evaluation or measurement of penile rigidity. Lopressor is a cardioselective beta-blocker. Some medications can cause erectile dysfunction, for example beta-blockers and diuretics (commonly used to treat a variety of heart-related conditions such as high blood pressure and heart failure). Taken together, the available data suggest that calcium channel antagonists do not a detrimental effect on sexual function. Recommendations of the Princeton Consensus Panel. Table 2 highlights main reasons to take time and ask about sexual life before starting antihypertensive therapy during next consultation. Cardiovascular disease is not a contraindication to sexual activity in patients who have been properly assessed and treated.

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With the increment of life expectation and aging of population, ED burden is supposed to increase in the upcoming years [3]. To encourage satisfying sex, initiate sex when you and your partner are feeling relaxed. 1blood flow and pressure, hopefully one day you dont get ED. As ED is highly prevalent and deeply impacts overall health of sexually active men, sexual function should be part of anamneses in all hypertensive subjects, especially those over 50 years. During double blind treatment subjects will be evaluated in clinic every 4 weeks. However, most of the data that were previously presented, were obtained through subjective questionnaires and not by objective evidence as we sought out to do.

ED has a high prevalence around the world and a huge impact on quality of life of men and their partners [2]. It can be caused by stress, anxiety or excessive alcohol consumption. (4 and Table 1). (Botros), [email protected]

The number reporting a high frequency (at least once a week) of sexual activity improved from 40. Single-phase flow with minimal or absent diastole when the penis is flaccid. On the other hand, the erectile dysfunction substudy in ONgoing Telmisartan Alone and in combination with Ramipril Global Endpoint Trial/Telmisartan Randomized AssessmeNt Study in ACE iNtolerant subjects with cardiovascular Disease (ONTARGET/TRANSCEND) did not demonstrate a significant association of pretreatment with diuretics with erectile function in high-risk patients [44]. While many drugs used to treat high blood pressure have been linked to erectile dysfunction, some are much less likely than others to cause problems. 8% were smokers. Lotensin, Capoten, Zestril, PrinivilCalcium channel blockers: When ED occurs after a man begins to take a new medication, it's possible that anxiety about his health, rather than the medication, may trigger the problem.

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Talk to your doctor about the side effects that you’re having. It can be concluded that ACE inhibitors have no effect, or may even have a positive effect on sexual function, but their precise role remains to be elucidated. The leaking veins responsible may be visualized by infusing a mixture of saline and x-ray contrast medium and performing a cavernosogram. A study of 82 men with sexual dysfunction, published in the May 2020 issue of the American Journal of Medicine and Science, found that patients had more reliable erections and more frequent sex after treatment with the drug losartan (Cozaar). FSF will be assessed with the above questionnaires-FSFI and CSFQ. Therefore, regardless of ED mechanism in hypertension, early diagnosis and correct approach of sexual life represent an important step of cardiovascular evaluation which certainly contributes for a better choice of hypertension treatment, preventing some complications and restoring the quality of life. 8% were either reluctant to get treatment or unaware of ED treatment modalities.

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An in vitro study demonstrated statin effects on human testicular testosterone synthesis [67] and in animals effects on the morphology and function of Leydig cells have been seen after statin administration [68]. (04) with no change with the other beta blockers. They found that vasodilation of the brachial artery by both mechanisms, endothelium-dependent and independent, was significantly compromised in the group suffering from ED, which illustrates that vascular alterations involved in ED are a generalized process [67]. Another theory proposed is the digoxin-associated inhibition of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle sodium pump activity, which promotes corporeal contraction and impedes nitric oxide induced relaxation, leading to ED [41]. A physical cause can be identified in about 80% of cases. Penile color pulsed duplex and spectral pulsed duplex:

Healthy lifestyle choices include: 5 percent to 62. High blood pressure's effect on sexual problems in women isn't well-understood. A recent systematic review on the effect of α1-adrenoceptor antagonists on male sexual function was performed by Van Dijk et al. July 20, 2020. As reported in the journal, sex really can be dangerous for people with severe hypertension that isn't under control.

Nitric oxide, erectile dysfunction and beta-blocker treatment (MR NOED study): Hope this helps! Among them 33. Sources, they use the least invasive treatments first. Almost similar percentage (69. )Other hypertensive medications failed to show association (diuretics; P-0. )

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Whether you're a man or a woman, high blood pressure can definitely put a damper on your sex life. Visual and tactile stimulation produces better results. After randomization, subjects are treated for 12 weeks with double blind therapy. Comparable results were obtained with newer PDE5 inhibitors vardenafil and tadalafil [80]. After cardiovascular risk stratification and adequate control of modifiable risk factors, ED patients should be oriented about the right way of sexual medication usage. Enter the characters you see below, these underrated kernels are rich in zinc, and people with higher levels in their system have been shown to have a stronger sex drive than those with lower levels. However, sex-life satisfaction was similar for treatment with hydrochlorothiazide (alone or in combination with atenolol) and the more modern treatment with candesartan alone or in combination with the calcium antagonist felodipine [33]. Following double-blind therapy subjects enter a 2-week washout phase and are subsequently switched to the alternate therapy. Benzodiazepines, commonly known as tranquilizers, are used to treat anxiety, insomnia, agitation and muscle spasms, and to prevent seizures.

Initial efforts should identify and treat all modifiable risk factors. They also were more likely to have decreased vaginal lubrication and trouble reaching orgasm. Most common mistakes include high fat meal near intake, lack of sexual stimulation after intake, short time before sexual intercourse, and low number of attempts [84].

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However, in 1549 cardiovascular high-risk patients included in ONTARGET/TRANSCEND trial, there was neither a beneficial effect of the ACE inhibitor ramipril, the angiotensin receptor blocker telmisartan, nor of the combination of both on erectile function [48]. Thiazide diuretics and beta-blockers are most likely to cause problems, but this is not a common effect of these medicines and will not happen to everyone. There is a complex relationship among arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction that is explained by the multifactorial pathophysiological process that take place in both conditions (Figure 1). 1 There is no specific guidance on the treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HF-PEF). 2 Cavernosal artery by grayscale bi-dimensional ultrasound. In recent years, researchers have begun to understand that high blood pressure also takes a toll on female sexuality. Lack of efficacy could represent a more intense vascular damage. 06), and unsafe level alcohol intake (AOR:

The guidelines regarding management of ED published by The British Society for Sexual Medicine highly recommend routine assessment of sexual function prior to initiation of antihypertensive treatment [22].

Int J Clin Pract 2020;65: You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one important part of your life to service another. Table 1 The demographic, clinical, and echo-cardio-graphic data of different groups. Although no class of antihypertensive agents presents a clearly superior effect over the others in terms of quality of life, the current impression is that nebivolol, ACE inhibitors, and angiotensin II receptor antagonists may offer some advantage, at least in regard to effects on cognitive function and sexual activity [51]. The evaluation of ED was done by International Index of Erectile function (IIEF-5) questionnaire.


N Engl J Med 2020;342: A physician measures the latency between squeeze and contraction by observing the anal sphincter or by feeling it with a gloved finger inserted past the anus. Erectile function preservation is essential for sexually active man while having a lower weight for other who has no intercourses. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel-group study to assess the efficacy and safety of nebivolol, a novel beta-blockers, in patients with mild to moderate hypertension.

Having hypertension with the back ground of diabetes significantly increases the risk of arthrosclerosis which might affect the penile arteries [7, 8]. In fact, it's been estimated that 25% of all ED is caused by medication. We compared the effects of four beta blocking agents on penile flow in hypertensive men using color Doppler ultrasound method.

22, 23 There is also clinical and experimental evidence for the reduction of testosterone levels in the course of continued medication with propranolol. Like men, women can experience anxiety and relationship issues due to sexual dysfunction. The role of NO as a major mediator of erectile pathways such as NO-GPMc and RhoA/Rho-kinase was well documented [68].

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More drastically, inflatable or rigid penile implants may be fitted surgically. It’s just the nature of drug side effects. ED is characterized by the regular or repeated inability to achieve or maintain an erection of sufficient rigidity to accomplish sexual activity.

Have you been feeling depressed? From the label of having an psychological illness to an exhaustive, invasive and mostly usefulness series of complementary exams, the evaluation post-PDE5 inhibitors turned to a simple identification of risk factors [10], their control whenever possible, and improvement of sexual performance through PDE5 inhibitors prescriptions [11] that quickly became one sales blockbuster. As a consequence of regular erections, several cytokines, vasoactive, and growth factors keep a suitable environment for erectile tissue with a protective effect over stroma and muscular cells of this region [23]. GoodRx is not available outside of the United States. However, as there appears to be a nocebo affect associated with the use of beta-blockers the act of switching a patient with erectile dysfunction from metoprolol to carvedilol, may produce therapeutic benefit. To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected] Significant percentage (45. )

Blood Pressure Medications and ED

Investigators found that in a group of 160 males (without a history of cardiovascular events), aged 40 to 49 years, who had been recently diagnosed with hypertension, carvedilol was associated with 15 reports of erectile dysfunction over a 16 week period, compared to one report of erectile dysfunction in patients taking valsartan (an angiotensin II receptor antagonist). Sexual dysfunction generally is classified into four categories: These pumps should be distinguished from other penis pumps (supplied without compression rings) which, rather than being used for temporary treatment of impotence, are claimed to increase penis length if used frequently, or vibrate as an aid to masturbation. Reffelmann, T, Kloner, RA. What is medically-induced ED?

We obtained a statistically significant diminish of the stimulated PSV with atenolol (P = 0. )Saline is infused under pressure into the corpus cavernosum with a butterfly needle, and the flow rate needed to maintain an erection indicates the degree of venous leakage. The co-existing hypertension should be treated with appropriate medications which minimally interfere with sexual dysfunction and preventive measures need to be targeted to reduce the alcohol intake. 24 These various mechanisms may explain why propranolol seems to have more side effects on sexual behavior than other β-blockers. In countries where men have free access to sexual drugs, the situation of improper use is even more dramatic. Antidepressants and other psychiatric medicines: High blood pressure can reduce blood flow to the vagina.

When medication changes how one of these factors works—like blood pressure medication or depression medication—ED is a possible side effect. Men with high blood pressure can sometimes experience erectile dysfunction but, for many of them, it can be treated effectively. Make sure the medications you or your partner takes are not the reason why you can’t have fun in bed! No differences were seen between the use of ramipril, telmisartan or a combination of the two and there was no evidence for adverse effects of both treatments on erectile function [54]. Embarrassing male body problems, could you elaborate on this kind of test? Fifteen of these trials reported on depressive symptoms, fatigue, or sexual dysfunction and were selected for inclusion. Erections involve chemical signals, nerve impulses, complicated blood pressure changes, and overall fitness in systems ranging from your heart and hormones to your mood. 48 in the propranolol group and 19.

Therefore, some authors recommend an exercise test for every diabetic patient presenting with ED, as a significant number of patients with silent ischemic heart disease will be detected [76].

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30, 31 There are also potential, but still unknown, mechanisms: It remains in accordance with other animal studies. As a consequence of PDE5 inhibitors basic development studies, erectile process was better understood and several papers from the last decade stressed the association between ED and vascular disease identified by functional and structural changes related to atherosclerosis process [12].

25 There is also evidence that propranolol has a negative impact on erectile and ejaculatory reflexes.

The problem is fairly common. Old and more recent experimental studies have pointed out the role of nitric oxide (NO) and other possible mediators in endothelial dysfunction of hypertensive rats [56]. Erectile dysfunction (ED), the persistent inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity (1) is a condition of increasing prevalence worldwide which has been estimated to affect 150 million individuals and is supposed to impact up to 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 (2). 56) and taking beta-blockers (OR = 1. It should also be examined how chronic propranolol treatment affects sexual function in dose-related mode. Recent control of diabetes mellitus showed no significant relationship with ED (P-0. Correspondence, zou and colleagues (2020) noted that the role of LI-ESWT in ED is not clearly determined. )

ED is an occasional side effect of BP drugs like thiazide diuretics, loop diuretics, and beta-blockers, all of which can decrease blood flow to the penis and make it difficult to get an erection.

If arteries in the body are affected by atherosclerosis, this causes a reduction in the blood flow, which can mean problems getting or maintaining an erection. 43), diabetic retinopathy (P-0. Similar results were reported in a small group of women treated with losartan. ED can have psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and self-image. Interestingly, studies have shown that just having anxiety about having side effects is enough to produce the side effect. 007) and nephropathy (OR = 1. Make a cardiovascular evaluation that allows you know risk stratification. Founded in 1956, the University of Florida College of Nursing is the premier educational institution for nursing in the state of Florida and is ranked in the top 10 percent of all nursing graduate programs nationwide.


Results were summarized using tables and graphs. You previously purchased this article through ReadCube. What is sexual dysfunction? Endothelial dysfunction is considered one of the earlier steps of atherosclerosis process, preceding angiographic, ultrasonographic, and clinical evidences of vascular disease [66]. This is one of the factors responsible for the lack of recognition of sexual dysfunction as a component of the hypertensive process rather than as a consequence of antihypertensive medications. 02), while, with nebivolol the PSV did not show a significant change (P = 0.

Many patients with mild anxiety or insomnia don’t need benzodiazepines at all. Cholesterol is the biochemical precursor for testosterone. Even if you do not take blood pressure drugs, you should get your blood pressure checked as high BP also can be a sign of ED. The research was funded by an unrestricted educational grant from Merck Sharp & Dohme Spain to the Spanish investigators. Likewise, Lamina et al.


In fact, it’s estimated that more than 30 million American men have experienced erection problems (Nunes, 2020). When pharmacological methods fail, a purpose-designed external vacuum pump can be used to attain erection, with a separate compression ring fitted to the base of the penis to maintain it. Since the pioneering work of Jeremy et al. The relatively high probability of detecting potentially serious diseases warrants further investigations [75]. A small number of patients and inadequate evaluation of erectile function limit the trials results. But besides referring to specialist, such lack of efficacy should be interpreted properly.

This can restrict blood flow to your penis, which may then cause erectile dysfunction. Beta blockers. We categorized the tested β-blockers by generation (early vs late) and lipid solubility (high vs low to moderate). Some high blood pressure medications are less likely to cause sexual side effects, such as: Even though CAD relatively common in young age but the association between CAD and ED not established (P-0. )After 4 weeks of treatment, the sexual intercourse rate was reduced but tended to recover with on-going treatment. Likewise, women treated with the irbesartan-felodipine combination showed significantly higher FSFI scores than those treated with the metoprolol-felodipine combination [17]. The UF College of Nursing continually attracts and retains the highest caliber of nursing students and faculty with a passion for science and caring.

What is medically-induced ED?

New therapeutic strategies and molecular targets will help to improve quality of erections and sexual satisfaction. More recently, Earden et al. Remind your healthcare provider of the medications you’re taking and explain any symptoms or side effects—like ED. By admin jul 9, 2020, addressing the underlying cause Primary treatments address the issue that is causing ED. We recently showed that hypertensive men with ED who did not respond to 20 mg of vardenafil had lower flow mediated dilation and greater intima media thickness, in addition to a higher Framingham score, pointing to a direct clinical way to identify patients who deserves special attention and probably more aggressive cardiovascular therapy [85]. Some authors state that ED symptoms in hypertensive patients would represent deterioration in endothelial dysfunction already present and should alert for a possible progression of a systemic vasculopathy [61].

Diuretics can decrease forceful blood flow to the penis, making it difficult to achieve an erection. Patients who are mentally incompetent; suffering from end stage organ failure such as chronic kidney disease, chronic liver cell disease and heart failure; history of spinal injury and who had major stroke were excluded from the study. After 4 weeks (visits 3 and 7) of double-blind treatment with either nebivolol 5 mg once daily or metoprolol succinate 100 mg once daily subjects will be evaluated and the need for dosage titration assessed. The sedative and muscle-relaxant properties of benzodiazepines are thought to lessen sexual interest, excitement and sensation. Some prescription medications and even over-the-counter drugs can have an impact on sexual functioning. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft), and paroxetine (Paxil). Furthermore, statins seem to increase the beneficial effects of sildenafil through endothelial function benefits [73–76]. Since α-adrenergic antagonists are first-line therapy for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) but only second-line agents for the treatment of hypertension (doxazosin and terazosin), most knowledge regarding sexual adverse effects of α-adrenergic antagonists comes from BPH studies.