Protect Your Erection: 11 Tips to Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Send your questions for Stoya and Rich to [email protected] Featured topics, while there’s no miracle food out there that can help to prevent erectile dysfunction, there is however some evidence to suggest that certain foods may help with ED. Viasil’s blend of ingredients works by increasing the blood flow to your penis to provide longer and harder erections. When your blood is filled with lots of free radicals, the amount of nitric acid levels will go down and your penis also goes down. The key is figuring out whether you’re dealing with a one-off issue or if less than ideal erections are becoming a regular occurrence. Oh yeah, and you’ll live longer too. Before considering medication, it’s important to look at your lifestyle and general health.

Smoking also contributes to atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque inside your arteries. Another boon for gym rats: Anything that is bad for a man's heart is also bad for his penis, says Andrew McCullough, MD, associate professor of clinical urology and director of the male sexual health program at New York University Langone Medical Center. Even though the study, done at the University of California, didn’t touch on the receptive tissues, when the endothelial system in the body is improved, this will result in a hard and longer erection during intercourse. (8) Lose your gut. It’s normal if some of your erections are harder than others according to Dr.

You can be assured that when your penis becomes numb, it will not be able to rise to the occasion.

If you use them, I guarantee by tonight your woman will be left breathless, wondering, “Who ARE you and how did you do THAT? Try to keep your mind from wandering toward extremes. ED is a multifactorial condition and, as such, prevention and treatment demand a multidisciplinary approach. The same is true of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio like sprints and Tabata. Most men grossly underestimate the importance that environment plays in ensuring an amazing sexual experience for you and your partner. Most therapies not approved by the FDA are not covered by government or private insurance benefits. Some men may try methods available in health food stores or through magazine ads.

These drugs sometimes are not efficacious with the first dose, but results are generally improved with repeated dosing. The combination could cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. I have personally used his program with great success and had numerous clients achieve phenomenal results following these protocols. Mediterranean diet: optimal body and brain fuel, these silicone rods give the man's penis the firmness needed for sexual penetration. Describe what pleases you sexually.

These changes are similar to those ones observed in the media of the penile arteries [23]. But for men experiencing mild-to-moderate ED, the clinical results from supplementing with niacin were not significant. Reports and Male extra reviews show that it can take about 3 – 5 weeks on average for it to give you results. Women start their arousal process differently than men: Another systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials with a follow-up of at least six weeks evaluated the effect of lifestyle interventions and pharmacotherapy for cardiovascular risk factors on the severity of ED [65]. In short, smoking harms your erection quality and sexual performance from multiple angles, all while damaging your health in general. In the two flexible tubes of spongy tissue that extend the length of the shaft (the corpora cavernosa, or “cave-like bodies”), muscle tissue slackens. The clitoris contains more than 8,000 nerve endings (more than double that of a man’s penis) meaning that the majority of her pleasure will be derived from this tiny little runt near the top of her vagina.

Not only do you wind up with a beer belly, but according to a report in Strength and Conditioning Journal, guzzling the equivalent of five or more drinks appears to suppress the production of testosterone which will compromise your erections.

Improving The Diet

GAINSWave therapy remedies erectile dysfunction by addressing its underlying causes: The good news is that from age 40 to 65, as men get used to coping with erection dissatisfaction, they prepare to deal with more problems later. Assuming you're in good health, your erection problems are likely a case of performance anxiety - in other words, being worried about pleasing her, being good in bed, and getting erect. Anxiety can trigger your fight-or-flight response and your erection can fade. Our brains are powerful -- but secretive -- forecasters of video virality. 4% of men reported ED [15]. Short acting PDE5-I such as sildenafil, vardenafil, and avanafil should also be preferred in patients affected with cardiovascular disease [43]. The first stage is stimulus, which can be physical (yes, that means touching) or psychogenic (the wandering mind, which is often a bit more inappropriate). Talk with your health care provider about the benefits and risks of these medicines.

Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Here's a helpful guide for how to get and maintain a strong erection, potential factors that might be contributing to the problem, and steps to take with products that can help. Kegel exercises to try Share on Pinterest Exercise may treat the some of the causes of ED. Check out these healthy living tips from the Cleveland Clinic that may help improve sexual function.

But the small level of radiation shouldn't be any cause for concern. Prolonged erections (>1 hour) can be reversed by a second injection (antidote) in the office. Many men come up with reasons to avoid getting down and dirty because the pressure to perform is too stressful, with guys often saying they’re too tired, not in the mood or have downed too much booze. Sexual issues, viagra may work to get an erection but it won't get to who are not patient enough to wait for loading. The penis contracts rapidly and orgasm takes place. In order to maintain a strong erection, your body and mind need to be in good working order. Kiss her passionately and bite down her neck before you remove her clothes.

What Questions Should I Ask My Health Care Provider?

Sometimes couple counselling, or sex therapy is useful. Too much of them, and they'll predominate over testosterone, reducing your sex drive and leading to flop sweat in the sack. In addition, pomegranate juice fights oxidative stress which negatively affects sexual function in men. But it is only when you come up with new ways of enjoying sex that you will avoid getting bored of sex. The same is with the natural male enhancement products which are comprised of vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals, and micronutrients.

However, it has been shown that a large range of vardenafil doses/concentrations (up to 80 mg/day) may produce a small QTc prolongation that is not associated with absolute QT prolongation [91]. While simple kegel exercises won’t give you a six pack in your pants, they are a great first step. Then they tracked down the men again and asked about their general health -- including any erection problems that had developed since the first questionnaire. Therapists almost universally recommend this for long-term lovers, but some people prefer spontaneity. In one study, researchers found that smokers’ penises are smaller than those belonging to nonsmokers. Besides taking up residency at a monastery, having diabetes is the quickest route to a lifetime of celibacy. Sex columnist Dan Savage is credited with coining the term “death grip syndrome” way back in 2020, writing, “If you masturbate in the exact same way every time, or if you hold your cock in a death grip every time, you may find it difficult to climax as the result of other, more subtle sensations.

One study showed that family and couple conflicts had a significant association with ED, as well as depression symptoms and free-floating anxiety [47].

Tadalafil, vardenafil and avanafil are only available to those patients who have one of the specified medical conditions listed below. Patients who are interested should discuss the risks and benefits (informed consent) of each, as well as costs before starting any clinical trials. Additionally, aging, diet, exercise and other conditions can contribute to atherosclerosis. Most of these methods have never been medically proved to work. Then if you have a problem during the test, it will be safe to use nitrate-containing medicines such as nitroglycerin. A relaxed state of mind is required for a harder and longer-lasting erection. If you choose the non-artificial boner pills for curing impotence, the doctor’s consultation is not a must.

Understand Love-making Techniques

If so, there might be a (nonerotic) solution to these surgical woes: Problems with the blood vessels. If your work is wearing you down and affecting your sexual performance, taking a break to relax could be all it takes to help you get your confidence -- and your physical performance -- back in bed. For example, the low levels might be caused by a problem in the pituitary glands. This means that a lot of age-related changes are found in the human prostatic, bladder, and erectile tissue [17]. Diet and nutrition quiz, physiological causes of impotence relate to an underlying inability to fill the penis with blood to make it erect. She needs positive feedback Be Descriptive: These are the perfect times for you to switch to other kinds of stimulation to give yourself a break, mix up the fun and build more arousal.

Sex Essential Reads

According to the Mayo Clinic, these include: Prolactin, follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone. What happens at your appointment The doctor or nurse will ask about your lifestyle and relationships, and any problems you might be having.

On the other hand, pharmacological treatment of depressive disorder, in particular with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), may represent another cause of ED and negatively influence patient’s quality of life, his self-esteem, and the relationship with his partner [59]. These experiences cause performance anxiety in men. Don’t confuse erection problems with low desire: According to a study that was done by researchers at Indiana University, when arteries are treated with anthocyanins, high levels of nitric oxide are retained even after these blood vessels have been flooded with free radicals. They make a stiff penis that lets you have normal sex. Overall 54% of men responded to sildenafil, with a mean increase in International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) domain score of 5. A list of the drugs potentially causing or worsening sexual function are shown as follows: Blood and urine tests can also help providers figure out what’s going on.

Sometimes ED is caused by psychological problems. Finding and then stopping medicines that may be causing the problem. According to Mecial Daily, more than 75% of the adult population in the United States is chronically dehydrated. Search drinkaware, several other factors and conditions can contribute to erectile dysfunction, including the following. I have had countless clients annihilate difficulties with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with the exercises you’re about to read about in this article. If the ED is due to a physical cause, you are likely still to have a normal sex drive apart from if the cause is due to a hormonal problem. However, it has adverse effects on your sexual health as well as it can curb the testosterone levels and directly destroy the hardness and strength of your penis. Erection problems in men younger than 40 who have no physical risk factors are more likely to be caused by mental factors than physical causes. Clearly, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • It’s also a good idea to consult with your doctor to check on your blood pressure.
  • But it’s not what really happened.
  • If you’re concerned about losing your erections during sex, talk to your doctor for advice.


In fact, the testosterone boosters were invented for the purposes different from those ones, for which the anti-impotence remedies are used. ICI therapy often produces a reliable erection, which comes down after 20-30 minutes or with climax. Sign up now for healthbeat. our free e-mail newsletter, hyperprolactinemia. Am I so damaged that I would consider a relationship like this meaningful?

Porn-induced ED occurs when your porn habits start to interfere with the parts of your brain that are associated with reward sensitivity. Over time, many men need larger doses, but as dosage increases, side effects become more likely, notably, headache and nasal congestion. She’s a human. This is a big issue when you consider that dehydration has been linked to a wide range of physical problems from erectile dysfunction to migraines to nutrient malabsorption.

You've heard of these, right? Take the first step and consult your doctor today! It could be that you have a very sexy girl. There’s no question about it. One of the quickest ways to engage her mind and deepen the sexual experience is to talk dirty to her. Hormonal problems — Abnormal levels of certain hormones can interfere with erections and sex drive.


Tense them for 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds and repeat. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting men and its prevalence increases with aging. The goal of this traditional Chinese medicine is to help restore the body's natural balance. Management of Erectile Dysfunction: It's best to take oral medications on an empty stomach 60 to 90 minutes before having sex. “There are a large number of patients with obesity, diabetes and vascular disease, which can organically cause erectile dysfunction. In case there's nothing that works for you, this is one thing that should definitely do the trick. What are possible causes of multiple sclerosis? This is where a doctor inserts a gloved finger into your bottom to feel for anything unusual. Viasil boner pills come in at a close second, but even our #1 rated hard pill doesn’t deliver as fast as Viasil.

If your arteries are clogged from consuming a copious amount of processed foods and sugary drinks, your blood flow will be stalled and your heart will be unable to successfully pump blood to your penis. Congestive heart failure (CHF) is another frequent disease in elderly patients potentially leading to ED. It might also provide an opportunity for you to please her in other ways such as by eating pussy (tips here) or fingering her (learn how to finger a woman), which can take pressure off your penis.

When To Call a Doctor

Stop thinking about your erection until you get inside her. I'm assuming you're using condoms, right? This will mean you’ve had a sleep erection and the problem is not likely physical. Some men jump to the mistaken conclusion that they have (ED) and run to their doctors for prescriptions. During the resolution phase, the body returns to normal, as it was before stimulation. You’re just going to have to get creative and stop assuming that these things are a given. The most common side effects are:

Increased sexual endurance that will allow you to have multiple sex sessions. Who is Male Extra meant for? Below, we’ve shared 11 science-based tips for stronger, more reliable erections. If there are some extra responsibilities that you have been given, look for a polite way to decline them. A recent University of East Anglia study found that men who look after themselves by working out and eating a diet rich in flavonoids (naturally occurring compounds in fruit and vegetables) are less likely to suffer from ED. When the pump is engaged, pressure in the cylinders inflate the penis and makes it stiff.

Currently available oral pharmacotherapy has limited efficacy in older patients due to the lack of endogenous supply; some new compounds are currently in development, such as guanylate cyclase activators, Rho-kinase inhibitors, and maxi-K channel openers [15]. Both can result in problems with erections. Your central nervous system sends nerve impulses that increase blood flow to your penis. Breadcrumb navigation, as a comedy director, people typically ask you to make content that’s “shareable” or “viral. These things will help increase your sexual comfort and confidence, and reduce the pressure you currently feel to be an on-demand sex machine. Find out more in our exclusive report How to Cancer-Proof Your Prostate! You may be able to avoid erection problems related to anxiety and stress by talking with your partner about your concerns.